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Sacri Jiménez

I'm was born in Granada (Spain), where I  graduated  in Ancient History.

Between 1995 and 2020 I have lived in different countries in Europe: Sweden, Lithuania, Switzerland and France. Finally, in 2020, I returned to Spain, to Granada, where I currently reside.

I started painting during my stay in Paris, in 2006, with the Italien artist Silvia Chiesa, whose atelier I attended until 2009.

Between 2009 and 2020 I have participated in various painting and sculpture courses taught by the City Council of the 16th district of Paris, and by the City Council of Levallois-Perret (Île de France).

I have also frequently attended workshops organized by the painter Hélène Legrand in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.






- November 2009, solo exhibition, Brasserie Le Diplomate (110, Boulevard Courcelles, 75017 Paris).

- December 2010, collective exhibition "Granada's Gardens", sponsored by the Spanish state company EMASAGRA. Granada, Spanish.

- June 2012, Salon Art Shopping, Louvre's Carroussel. Paris, France.

Vernissage June 2012, Salon Art Shopping.

- July-November 2012, Everarts Art Gallery (8, rue d’Argenson, 75008 Paris).

- April 2013, Salon Barcelona Showcase 2013. Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain.

- June 2013, with Le Petit Atelier Gallery, Salon Art Shopping, Louvre’s Carrousel. Paris, France.

- June-September 2013, stand-alone exhibition, Librerie-Café 100 Papiers (Avenue Louis Bertrand 23, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium.

- October 2013, 22ème Salon International Artistique A.R.G.R. (Amicale Régionale du Groupe Renault, Boulogne-Billancourt, Ille de France).

- May 2014, stand-alone exhibition, Brasserie Le Diplomate.

- November 2014, 23ème Salon International Artistique A.R.G.R. (Amicale Régionale du Groupe Renault, Boulogne-Billancourt).

- November 2014, Salon Art en Capital, Grand Palais (Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris).

- November 2014-January 2015, collective exhibition, Pôle Oenotouristique Viavino (80 Chemin de Vérargues, 34400 Saint-Christol, France).

- January 2015, collective exhibition, Mision Española in Paris (51 bis, rue de la Pompe, 75016), on the occasion of its centenary.

- January-February 2015, Art Fresque Povera Gallery (6, Bd. Ernest François, 30250 Sommières).

- September 2015, artf3 Salon International d'Art Contemporain (with the gallery Le Petit Atelier), Paris Event Center, 20 Avenue Porte de la Villette, 75019 Paris.

- November 2015, 24 Salon International ARGR Ile de France (Boulogne-Billancourt, Ile de France).

- November 2015, Art Capital (Grand Palais, Paris), with the Société des Artistes Français.

- April 2016, 58th Salon des Beaux Arts, Cormeilles-en-Parisis, Ile de France.

- September 2016, Art3f International Bruxelles, 1er Salon International d'Art Contemporain à Bruxelles, Parc Expo Heysel. Brussels, Belgium

- February 2017, solo exhibition Centro Cultural Artístico y Literario de Granada (calle Almona del Campillo 2, Granada, Spain).

- November 2017- January 2018, collective exhibition, Galería Ginkgo (Granada-Spain).

- February 2018, Art Capital (Grand Palais, Paris), with the Société des Artistes Français. 

- May-June 2018, collective exhibition "Granada", Galería Ginkgo, Granada - Spain

- September-October 2018, collective exhibition, 71th Salon Association Nationale des Artistes Français, Mairie Saint-Mandé (France)

- January-February 2019, collective exhibition, 51th Salon "Ile-de-France", Marie Bourg-la-Reine (France)

- March-Mai 2019, VIII Certamen Internacional de Pintura Ramón Portillo. Motril, Granada (Spain).

- November 2021, collective exhibition. Centro Artístico, Literario y Científico de Granada

- July 2022, collective exhibition. Colegio de Niñas Nobles. Granada.

- 2022 collective exhibitions: September"Doors, covers, windows and bay windows". November "The Sea". Centro Artístico, Literario y Centífico de Granada.

- 2023 collective exhibitions: February  "Childhood". April "Sierra Nevada". October "Nudes". Centro Artístico, Literario y Centífico de Granada.

- 2024 collective exhibitions: January "Living Nature". Centro Artístico Literario y Científico de Granada.



I also accept commissions.


If you were interested in any of my works, wanted to place a commission or simply wished to make a comment do not hesitate to contact me via my Contact box.


Next exhibition


26 April - 6 May 2024

Centro Carmen Jiménez - University of Granada

Camino Forestal s/n, La Zubia - Granada - Spain

(Collective exhibition)




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